MoD Central Military-Medical Committee


Tigran Sargsyan

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The Central Military Medical Commission of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia (hereinafter referred to as the CMMC) is a structural unit outside the RA Ministry of Defence, which ensures the implementation of military medical examination in the RA Armed Forces.

The CMMC is a staff body of military medical examination in the RA Armed Forces, whose chairman, deputy and specialists are appointed by order of the RA Minister of Defense. Therapists, surgeons, neurologists, psychiatrists, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists and dermatovenereologists work at the CMMC.

The powers of the CMMC are defined by laws and other legal acts, orders of the RA Defence Minister.

Decisions made by the CMMC on military medical issues are final and can be appealed by superior or judicial order within 1 (one) month after making a decision.


In accordance with its tasks, CMMC performs the following functions:

  • gives a conclusion on the degree of suitability for military service of servicemen, applicants going abroad to study in military educational institutions, cadets and learners of Higher Military Institutions,
  • gives a conclusion on the suitability of servicemen, military personnel and employees to work with radioactive materials, other sources of ionizing radiation, components of rocket fuel, equipment generating electromagnetic field,
  • gives a conclusion on the causal relationship of diseases, injuries and mutilations of servicemen with military service,
  • gives a conclusion on the degree of suitability for military service of RA citizens undergoing contract military service, by studying the results of examinations, medical documents and submitted data on enlistment and conscription,
  • gives a conclusion on confirming or rejecting the conclusions of subordinate examination bodies, making a different decision,
  • gives a conclusion on partially exempting servicemen from official duties or granting (rehabilitation) leave due to illness,
  • if necessary, gives appropriate instructions on medical supervision of servicemen (military personnel) and organization of further service conditions,
  • if necessary, gives a conclusion on additional medical examination of servicemen, as well as on the request for personal file, retirement, other medical documents, specifications, archival references and other documents,
  • if necessary, gives a conclusion on the involvement of medical institutions and the chief specialists of the Ministry of Health in the examination,
  • is eligible to submit an opinion to the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia regarding the health condition of a conscript after each conscription and the quality and shortcomings of the work of the conscription commissions.


CMMC is eligible to

  • request information and medical documents from military-medical commissions, military units, military and civil institutions for a comprehensive and complete examination, as well as for discussion and evaluation of the results of the activities of the bodies conducting the examination,
  • study the process of examination, diagnosis and treatment of servicemen in military and civilian medical institutions, as well as the quality of examination,
  • involve the officials responsible for the conscription of the given serviceman (senior doctor of the military commissariat, relevant military commissar, medical specialist of the CMC, etc.), when making decisions about servicemen subject to early demobilization due to illnesses not related to service,
  • refer servicemen to military medical institutions for treatment and examination.


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