Military-political cooperation

The aim of the international military cooperation realized by the ARM MoD is the strengthening of the efficiency and authority of the ARM Armed Forces, productive realization of defence reforms, as well as the assurance of national and international security by broadening cooperation capabilities with the armed forces of ally and partner countries.


Armenia is a founding member of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO). The membership of the CSTO and the military, military-political and military-technical cooperation within its framework are observed by the Government of Armenia as one of the principal directions of international cooperation for provision of the military security of Armenia. This is why the ARM MoD is being actively integrated into almost every military component of the CSTO. The exercises which are being conducted by the “Collective Rapid Reaction Forces” are one of the most important activities on a yearly basis within the CSTO framework. The participation of the units of the ARM Armed Forces gives the opportunity to raise the level of cooperation with international forces, as well as to improve the military art of the latter.


Since the disintegration of the USSR the CIS mostly has served as an active plateau for the preservation and development of political, economic military etc. ties for the former Soviet states. Since the first half of 1990s the ARM MoD has conducted bilateral, as well as multilateral cooperations with the particular organizations, using opportunities for integration given by the CIS. Currently the ARM MoD actively participates in the council of defence ministers of the CIS member states, as well as in its expert committees and other units. The minister of defence of the Republic of Armenia and the authorities of the ARM AF units always participate in the council of defence ministers (CDM) of the CIS, as well as other corresponding committee sessions.

The dynamics of the conducted cooperation within the framework of CIS is correlated with the reforms being carried out inside this institution. Armenia welcomes the initiative of the reforms taken place in the institutions of the CIS and actively participates in that process along with its proposals.


Because Armenia has adopted a European way of development and NATO is the main body of the European security assurance, Armenia-NATO relationship has a very important role in the Armenian security assurance system. And it is natural that the military relationship with NATO is developing parallel to the development of integration processes in other areas. The natural and non-forced nature of this relationship creates a favorable basis, which provides them with a sincere and effective development. 

Armenia is interested in continuous development of cooperation with NATO. The aim of this cooperation is to use European experience in the development process of our Armed Forces, to create cooperation mechanisms with NATO structures and member countries, which will give us the opportunity, in some areas, to realize the highest level of cooperation with NATO.
The cooperation with NATO is realized within the framework of the NATO Partnership for Peace project through IPAP. According to the IPAP assessment document Armenia continues to record progress in the fields of defence and typical military of the IPAP.


The cooperation between Armenia and the OSCE is considered as an essential aspect for the insurance of stability and security in the region by the Armenian political authorities. Besides, the solving process of the issue having a vital importance for Armenia is being realized by the OSCE Minsk Group, which in its turn makes the Armenia-OSCE cooperation more important.


Taking into consideration the fact that the functions of ICRC are directly connected with the sphere of defence the ARM MoD ooperates with this authoritative international organization. That cooperation mainly refers to giving information about Armenian war prisoners in Azerbaijan and the possibility of their exchange.


The bilateral cooperation realized by the ARM MoD encircles quite a large geography. Within the framework of CIS the ARM MoD actively cooperates with Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus in military and military-political sectors. The cooperation in the military sector is constantly developing with states like Georgia and Ukraine. The cooperation in this sector makes progress in the Western front too, especially with NATO member states.

The ARM MoD actively cooperates with the US, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Poland. Ties with France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands have been made and are being developed. In the Middle East the ARN MoD always preserves military relations with Iran, and in the South-East it cooperates with China in military-technical and military education spheres.