I Have the Honour

The ideology of the state programme "I Have the Honour" is to link the postponement of the service to future service as commander. Any young man enrolled in a state or private educational institution has the right to apply for the programme. If meeting certain requirements (such as health requirement, passes a psychological test designed to determine command qualities, receives positive marks during the study period), he may be enrolled in the programme of potential officers. While in a civilian educational institution, they will attend courses at Vazgen Sargsyan Military University every Saturday, between the second and fourth years of education. After successful completion of the training and receiving a diploma from the civilian institution, they will get a bachelor's degree and a lieutenant's rank, and then serve for three years in the Armed Forces.

His civilian profession is taken into account during the service, which takes place in a 1st class military unit (the frontline). Thus, a person receiving a higher education has the opportunity to serve his homeland on a higher level. As an officer, he will have relevant household conditions), a competitive salary (at least AMD 260,000 a month). After successfully completing the service, he also receives a bonus in the amount of tuition fees paid during his study. If enrolled in a master's degree programme, his tuition fees there will also be compensated.

There are plans to offer officer service on special terms to graduates of one of the 10 leading universities in the world, as well as winners of the International Olympiads. They will have an option to serve in officer positions in a military industry where they will be able to use their knowledge more effectively. They will be offered not a three-year but a five-year contract.

One of the key outcomes of the programme will be the formation of a serious officer reserve. The army with a large number of privates of reserve needs skilled reserve of officers with experience of service on the frontline.

Thus, the postponement of the military service becomes a means of a more effective military service instead of a means to shun the mandatory service.


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