I Have the Honour

The ideology of the state programme "I Have the Honour" is to link the postponement of the service to future service as commander.

The participants of the program are given the right to defer compulsory military service conscription․ Education in higher education institutions is carried out by the state with full reimbursement of tuition fees in the amount of annual tuition fees set by the higher education institution for the relevant profession. After completing the university program and military training in accordance with the established procedure, the conscript is awarded the rank of lieutenant, a contract is signed with him about serving as a contract junior officer, and he is appointed to the service by draw: 

  • for a period of 2 years and 3 months, of which the first 3 months as a conscript in case of readiness to fill positions of platoon commanders;
  • for a period of 4 years in case of readiness to fill positions requiring medical specialization, after completing the university program and 1 year of study in a clinical residence by the order of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia. 

The program  "I have the honour" is regulated by the Decrees of the Government of the Republic of Armenia N430-N and N455-N of April 12, 2018, which clearly indicate all the procedures necessary to become a participant of the program. 

The following telephone numbers are available for additional information and clarifications:

1-28 RA Ministry of Defence hotline

010-29-45-84, General Department of HR and Military Education Policy of the RA Ministry of Defence


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