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The General Department of Personnel and Military-Educational Policy of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia ensures the development of personnel policy of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, its implementation, control, effective human resource management, professional development, training, educational processes in peacetime and wartime, recruitment, promotion, military education and training , implementation of activities of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia in the direction of the development of science development policy, as well as the organization of the military and civil service admission and dismissal processes and is the supervisory body for the personnel links of the Defence System.

Cooperates with international consulting organizations, personnel management bodies of foreign defence departments, the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia, the leadership of educational institutions, structural divisions of the Ministry and subordinate bodies to resolve issues of personnel work and organization of military education.

Carries out preparatory and organizational work of the system of the Ministry for holding competitions for filling vacant positions in a competitive manner․

Carries out preparatory work on draft orders for the approval of structural, civil and military positions of the ministry system, as well as the preparation of draft orders for the approval of lists of positions.

Within the framework of its powers, the department organizes the certification of the officers of the Armed Forces, the processes of drawing up a reserve of promotion, concluding contracts on the appointment of military personnel to a position, military service, assignment of military ranks (disqualification), dismissal, leaving at the disposal of personnel, the release of reservists.

Controls the legality, timeliness and correctness of the registration of personnel issues related to the military service by officers and non-commissioned officers by units of the Ministry system.

Develops areas of work to attract military service and contributes to the organization and implementation of activities within the framework of programs developed by the General Staff of the Armed Forces, structural units of the Ministry and military educational institutions (hereinafter referred to as MEI) for the recruitment of candidates for the Armed Forces.

Carries out the study of curricula of military educational institutions (programs of military, military-professional disciplines of educational institutions of the Republic of Armenia) in order to compile and (or) reform them in accordance with the required level.

Supervises the learning process according to the preparation and training programs in military sports schools, military departments (faculties) of educational institutions.

Supervises the conduct of on-site and distance courses aimed at improving the level of proficiency in foreign languages by candidates of the RA Armed Forces in order to train and train personnel in military educational institutions of foreign states․

Prepares proposals for amendments and additions to laws and regulations related to personnel management.

Develops and submits for approval, in accordance with the established procedure, draft orders of the Minister and orders on amendments or additions to them arising from laws or other legal acts related to personnel management and the military educational sphere.

Carries out preparatory work on rewarding employees of the Ministry system and other persons with state awards and departmental medals through the mediation of the Ministry of Defence.


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