MoD Financial-Budgeting Department


Artur Akopyan

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About the department's activities

The Financial-Budgeting Department detached subdivision, tasked with the complete implementation of the financial and economic activities of the Ministry in accordance with the Armenian legislation.

The goals and objectives of the Department are:

  1. The planning of the budgetary process in accordance with the legal regulation acts and methodology;
  2. Organizing and carrying out the accounting of management bodies, military units and military institutions in accordance with the procedures established by the authorized body;
  3. Providing initial control over the management of the Ministry’s cash flows;
  4. Ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Armenian legislation with regard to financial and economic activities.

The Department carries out the following tasks:

  1. Direct participation in the elaboration of strategic plans for financial and economic activities, adjustment of annual action plans and their review;
  2. Arranging the budgetary process for the upcoming year, including the elaboration of methodological guidelines for drafting budgets and making calculations; drafting the maintenance budget forms and their provision to management bodies and relevant subdivisions;
  3. The receipt of mid-term financing applications for the upcoming fiscal year from management bodies and relevant subdivisions, their analysis and the planning of expenditure indicators;
  4. The elaboration of measures to ensure the implementation of annual budgets and the planning of quarterly allocations (in conjunction with management bodies and relevant subdivisions in compliance with the established procedure);
  5. The management of the Ministry’s funds;
  6. Making the payments under the Ministry’s control according to the procedure established made by the Treasury;
  7. Maintaining the accounting records on the Department’s financial and economic transactions.


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