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About the department's activities

The objectives of the Armenian Armed Forces Department of the Rear are:

  1. Planning and organizing the logistics activities for the Armed Forces;
  2. Ensuring the continuous combat and mobilization readiness of the Armed Forces;
  3. Organizing the operative logistic, combat and special training of the Armed Forces;
  4. Carrying out the educational process,  maintaining the military discipline and morale of the rear units, and ensuring the security of service;
  5. Organizing the guarding of armament, military hardware and other material property of the rear units and organizations.

 The Department’s tasks include:

  1. Developing the mobilization plan for the Armed Forces rear troops; elaborating norms of costs for material resources of the Armed Forces rear troops services;
  2. Elaborating the Armed Forces logistics plans and measures;
  3. Participating in joint planning of the Armed Forces under the international military cooperation agreements and plans of Armenia;
  4. Participating in the planning of cooperation with the Armed Forces of other counties, military alliances and  organizations;
  5. Organizing and supervising the movement and timely release of the central rear military units and organizations;
  6. Organizing the guarding of the armament, military hardware and other material resources of the rear military units and other subdivisions;
  7. Preparation of suggestions on improvement of organizational and staff structure of the Armed Forces rear  units and organizations;
  8. Conducting documentary checks with regard to the Armed Forces Rear services;
  9. Supervising the timely and prompt  performance of the directives, orders and instructions of the minister of defence and the chief of the General Staff related to combat readiness; supervising the timely and prompt delivery of the assignments to the rear units and other subdivisions;
  10. Conducting combat and mobilization readiness inspections of the Armenian Armed Forces relevant services with regard to the logistics;
  11. Planning the organization of the rear management system, planning, developing and planning the further development of the Armed Forces management system;
  12. Planning the mobilization demand for the rear and other subdivisions; training junior specialists for the rear;
  13. Organizing and managing the mobilization readiness, armament, military hardware and other material resources of the rear and other units; arranging transportation, material, veterinary and environmental services for the Armed Forces;
  14. The training and staffing of the rear in cooperation with the relevant MOD and General Staff departments;
  15. The control over the implementation of the combat readiness plan in military units and other subdivisions of the rear;
  16. The inspections of the combat readiness of the Armed Forces rear services, units and other subdivisions;
  17. The elaboration of material resources use norms for the rear services;
  18. The oversight of the works related to the determination and maintenance of the demand of armament, military hardware and other material resources for the rear of the Armed Forces;
  19. The elaboration of guidelines for the organization of operative-logistics, combat and special training and military art for the units of the Armed Forces rear units and other subdivisions.  


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