A seminar-discussion was held with the staff of the Peacekeeping Forces Brigade of the Ministry of Defence

6 May, 2021
On May 5, at the initiative of the Human Rights and Integrity building center of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia, a seminar-discussion was held with the staff of the peacekeeping forces brigade of the Ministry of Defence.

The seminar, organized within the framework of the activities envisaged by the National Program on Combating Trafficking and Exploitation of Human Beings, was chaired by David Tumasyan, member of the Working Group on Combating Trafficking in RA, international and national expert on trafficking.

The purpose of the discussion seminar was to raise awareness among military personnel, especially those carrying out a peacekeeping mission, about human trafficking, labor exploitation, forced labor and legislation. During the meeting, the sides also discussed the risks of forced labor in the implementation of a peacekeeping mission, identifying related cases and situations and taking preventive measures.