Press Release

28 April, 2016
On the night of April 27th and 28th, 23 ceasefire violations were recorded on the northeast portion of the Armenia-Azerbaijan border. The Azerbaijani side irregularly fired at Armenian border patrol using assault rifles and sniper rifles of various calibers.

Exercising restraint, front line subdivisions of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia resorted to responsive measures only in the case of strict necessity, and confidently monitor the situation at the border.

According to information received from the Nagorno-Karabakh Defence Army, on the night of April 27th and 28th on the NKR-Azerbaijan line of contact, the adversary utilized tanks, various calibers of mortars, artillery, TR-107 rocket launcher systems and MM-21 (Grad) stations to shell the Defence Army positions, launching over 240 rounds. The most intense shelling took place on the eastern, northern, and northeast portions of the line of contact. MM-21 (Grad) stations were used to shell civilian populations in Mataghis.

In order to neutralize the adversary's aggressive actions, front line subdivisions of the Defence Army employed actions corresponding to the overall situation.

At this moment, the situation is relatively calm.