The “Indestructible Brotherhood – 2015” exercise continues at the “Baghramyan” training grounds

2 October, 2015 13:37
The “Indestructible Brotherhood – 2015” exercise for CSTO Collective peacekeeping forces, which commenced on September 30th at the “Baghramyan” training grounds, continues.

On the first day of the exercise, issues concerning the conduct of peacekeeping operations, the formation and reorganization of peacekeeping troops in conflict zones, as well as the drafting of necessary documents were clarified for the commanding staff of the participating subdivisions and Collective Peacekeeping Forces.

The CSTO CPF national subdivisions were acquainted with characteristics of the weapons and military equipment used in the exercise, the deployment of the field hospital, and particularities concerning humanitarian demining issues. They also began trainings in the escort of humanitarian aid transport in peacekeeping zones, and the conduct of patrol duty at service stations and checkpoints.

Representatives of the Red Cross’s international committee also took part in the training. They acquainted the CSTO CPF national subdivisions with the implementation of principles of humanitarian law in the context of peacekeeping operations.

The CSTO CPF continued its preparations and trainings for peacekeeping operations during the second stage of the exercise, on October 1st. Issues concerning the organization of peacekeeping operations and CSTO CPF subdivisions’ occupation of precincts under their accountability were studied.

In accordance with the exercise plan, the CSTO CPF collective commanding staff was presented with the mandate for the conduct of peacekeeping operations and the operations management took over the CSTO Collective peacekeeping forces joint staff.

Trainings in the isolation and neutralization of fighter encampments, the organization of patrol duty at observation points, capacity building, and drafting of necessary documents have taken place.

The CSTO CPF “Indestructible Brotherhood-2015” exercise   is being conducted in accordance with the December 2014 decision by a council of CSTO member states’ defense ministers’ and Security Council secretaries.

There are overall about 600 servicemen from CSTO nations, over 50 equipment units, and aviation units participating in the exercise.