The Ministry of Defence organizes shooting classes

15 October, 2022 17:30
Taking into account the many requests and suggestions received from citizens, the Ministry of Defence organizes combat shooting classes, in which citizens who have not served in the military will participate.
The classes will include shooting theory, as well as practical training with combat weapons.

The waiting list for the first stage will be carried out for the residents of Yerevan from October 17-30 inclusive.

Priority for participation in this stage will be given to females.

In the next stages, classes will also be held in the regions of the republic.

The courses are free. For the convenience of the participants, they will be held on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). The participants will be provided with food.

To participate in the lessons, you need to register in advance by calling 010-42-78-48, 09:00-18:00 Monday-Friday, or register online.