Statement of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia

13 September, 2022 14:30
As of 2pm, the situation in some parts of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border continues to be extremely tense. Despite the significant reduction in the intensity of the shelling, the enemy continues attempting positional advancement, particularly in the direction of Nerkin Hand, Verin Shorzha, Artanish and Sotk. The units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia continue to complete the combat tasks set before them.
As a consequence of the large-scale Azerbaijani aggression, the preliminary number of victims is 49, as published by the Prime Minister of Armenia. After the complete verification of the data, the Ministry of Defence will announce additional information about the number of victims and wounded people.
As already mentioned, civilian infrastructures were also targeted by Azerbaijani units, resulting in wounded civilians. The Ministry of Defence is observing in detail the videos related to Armenian servicemen and published on Azerbaijani Telegram channels. Additional clarifications will be presented regarding them.
The Ministry of Defence will continue to regularly issue official reports on further developments of the situation.