Suren Papikyan's visit to Army Corp 3 continues

20 May, 2022 19:25
On May 20, within the framework of the working visit to Army Corp 3, the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia Suren Papikyan visited a number of military units and combat positions subject to the army corp.
In one of the military units, Suren Papikyan was introduced to the process of repairing the buildings of the headquarters and barracks of the subdivisions, gave instructions to the command staff of the military unit on carrying out the construction works properly and in time.

The head of the Ministry of Defence paid tribute to the memory of the heroes killed in the 44-day war near the memorial wall of the military unit, then headed to the northern border of the republic, walked around the battle positions, talked to the contract conscripts. The Minister of Defence awarded the servicemen who have stood out most during their service.

During the conversation with the servicemen, Suren Papikyan presented the social, particularly housing, programs being developed by the state aimed at increasing the attractiveness of military service, as well as the ongoing reforms, which are called to significantly increase the level of combat training of the Armed Forces.