National Defense Research University, MOD, RA

NDRU was established on January 28, 2016. It is founded on the basis of the Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS, MOD, RA).

The project for the establishment of NDRU in Armenia was elaborated and reviewed at the US National Defense University in 2003-2004 during Col Hayk Kotanjian’s (now HEAD, NDRU, ret. LTG, Professor) academic fellowship.

The goal of the University is to increase the efficiency of the Armenian defense security system through bridging research and educational activities. Among the tasks of NDRU is the research in the areas of regional security dynamics, cybersecurity and ICT, as well as developments targeted at the effective management of cyber-digital resources. On the basis of these studies, relevant analyses and recommendations are submitted to the political-military leadership of Armenia contributing to the adoption of the academic based strategic decisions and expansion of their knowledge in the field of security policy.

In the course of its activities, NDRU has developed close academic-educational ties with world leading centers in security policy realm, to name, the US National Defense University and Harvard University Black Sea Security Program, American Foreign Policy Council, Moscow State institute of International Relations, MFA, RF and the Russian Academy of State Service under the President of Russian Federation, Russian Political Science Association, CSTO Academic-Expert Council, Jean Moulin Lyon University 3, the British Chatham House, Israeli Institute of Eastern Europe and CIS, the Jerusalem Univerity, Kadir Has University in Istanbul and other institutions.



NDRU Address: K. Ulnetsi str. 56/6, Yerevan, 0037

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