A round table discussion dedicated to the summary of the activities of the 2019 cooperation program between the RA Ministry of Defense and the United Nations Population Fund

22 January, 2020 15:30
On January 21, a round table discussion was held within the framework of the cooperation program between the Ministry of Defense of Armenia and the United Nations Population Fund at the RA MoD administrative complex. The aim of the discussion is to summarize the results of the activities done during 2019 and outline the main areas of the cooperation in 2020.

The discussion was attended by the representatives of the office of the United Nations Population Fund in Armenia, independent experts, military students of the RA MoD Military University after Vazgen Sargsyan and Military Aviation University after Marshal Armenak Khanperyants, servicemen of the women’s platoon of the RA MoD peacekeeping brigade, officers of the department for working with women, representatives of other subdivisions.

The activities done in 2019 were presented by the following main areas: awareness raising on women's rights and equal opportunities in the Armed Forces, meetings with the personnel of the Armed Forces, trainings for female servicemen, needs assessment of female students and servicemen and mapping of their problems.

The participants of the round table discussion emphasized the importance of ensuring the continuity of similar events and noted that the steps taken within the framework of the cooperation contribute to the formation of a culture of the protection of women's rights and ensuring the equal opportunities in the defense system.