«ArmHiTec 2016» concept has been endorsed

20 July, 2016
The Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia, Mr.Seyran Ohanyan, has endorsed the concept and approved preparations and organization package for the First International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies ArmHiTec 2016. The ArmHiTec 2016 exhibition will be held from October 13-15,2016 at the YerevanEXPO Exhibition Complex, Yerevan.

Revised and updated exhibition profile embraces almost the whole range of weapons and military equipment bringing forward and highlighting IT-solutions and technologies as well as precision-guided weapons. The principal thematic areas and major highlights of the exhibition are: combat control systems, communication systems and equipment, automated armed forces control systems, robotic systems, unmanned aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles and systems, unmanned aircraft warfare technologies, search and examination technical means, precision-guided weapons, laser technologies, optical-electronic systems and equipment, means of air defense, systems and equipment of radio reconnaissance, electronic warfare and radio jamming, Future Soldier armament, equipment and  technological solutions as well as all the essential aspects highlighted in the previous exhibition programme versions.
The primary goal of the exhibition is to demonstrate cutting-edge armament, military equipment as well as innovations and IT-solutions of the military-industrial complex of the Republic of Armenia and other countries. The exhibition generates considerable interest among the experts, providing new opportunities for the sharing of experience in innovations and advanced solutions, and making a substantial contribution  to expansion and development of military-technical cooperation as well as increasing export potential of the Republic of Armenia.