Press Release

10 May, 2016 09:17
On the night of May 9th and 10th, the adversary continued to fire intermittently at Armenian border patrol situated along the northeast portion of the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, using assault rifles and sniper rifles of various calibers.

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia confidently supervise the situation, resorting to appropriate countermeasures only during targeted ceasefire violations by the adversary.
According to the situational report received from the NKR Defence Army, the situation of the line of contact between NKR and Azerbaijani forces remains unchanged. The adversary has violated the ceasefire agreement using rifles of various calibers, 60mm and 82mm mortars, and RPG-7 and HAN-17 grenade launchers.
The DA frontline subdivisions continue confidently implementing sentry duties, whilst applying retaliation measures only in cases of strict necessity.