Press Release

18 February, 2016 15:55
From February 16th to 17th, the delegation headed by RA First Deputy Minister of Defence Davit Tonoyan took part in the “Military Doctrine Seminar” in Vienna.

The seminar, which is held once every five years and attended by the military and civil officials of all OSCE member states, was dedicated to the exchange of ideas about the change in the security environment, in parallel with doctrinal solutions.

RA First Deputy Minister of Defence Davit Tonoyan presented the results of the strategic review of Armenia’s defence during the seminar, and specifically stated that: “In order to achieve the objectives of ensuring security in Armenia, with intention of creating favourable conditions for peace talks within the OSCE Minsk Group, we plan to implement a series of measures. It includes the Deterrence System, which Armenia will use to reduce the armed confrontation. The Deterrence System gradually eliminates the static defence concept in the Armenian Armed Forces – which the enemy may perceive as testimony of insufficient power capacity. But in fact, the defencive strategy gave us nothing more than encouraged provocative actions. Thus, the Republic of Armenia will implement qualitative solutions to neutralize quantitative instabilities, while strictly maintaining the existing restrictions on arms control. The Deterrence System will serve as both responsive and proactive measures”.

During his stay in Vienna, David Tonoyan met with Rose Gottemoeller, Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security for the U.S. State Department. The parties discussed issues concerning regional security, arms control, as well as the implementation of humanitarian demining projects in Armenia.