Armenian-Russia Combined Forces Exercises Have Taken Place

26 September, 2015 14:15
The “Aragats 2015” battalion-level joint tactical military exercise for the combined Armenian-Russian forces has taken place on September 24th at the “Ayagyaz” training grounds.

The Chief of the General Staff Colonel-General Yuri Khachaturov observed the exercises, which implemented life firing.

The annual joint exercises for the combined Armenian-Russian forces are intended to improve the level of synchrony of joint operations and cooperation between subdivisions.

As part of the exercise, various subdivisions carried out agreed-upon complex coordinated tasks designed as drills for combat simulation, successfully carrying out assigned tasks and destroying the simulated opponent’s subversive intelligence groups which had crossed the federal border.

MIG-20 fighters, MI-8 helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, tanks, anti-aircraft and rocket systems, artillery of various calibers, and other military equipment was used during the exercise.

The “Aragats 2015” military exercise has taken place under the leadership of the commander of the Armenian-Russian Combined Forces, Lieutenant-General Mikael Grigoryan.