Azerbaijani side opened fire against the Armenian combat positions

6 April, 2024 09:13
On the night of April 5-6, the units of the Azerbaijani armed forces initiated firing towards Armenian combat positions, utilizing small arms of various calibers. The intensity of the firing varied across several directions of the border.
Specifically, firing occurred towards the combat positions near Sotk (Gegharkunik Province) between 22:25 -22:50, near Verin Shorzha (Gegharkunik Province) at 23:15, near Kut (Gegharkunik Province) at 00:15, near Aravus (Syunik Province) between 23:15-23:20, near Chinari (Tavush Province) between 23:05-23:20, near Movses (Tavush Province) between 00:15-01:20.
It is noteworthy that the majority of the Azerbaijani armed forces' firing during the night was non-targeted and irregular.
The units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia observed significant vehicle movements of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces towards Ishkhanasar between 21:00 and 23:00.
The aforementioned actions by the Azerbaijani side were evidently provocative, aiming to elicit similar counteractions by the units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia to substantiate Azerbaijani disinformation in recent times.
Assessing the situation, the units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia refrained from actions that could contribute to further escalation, leading to the calming of the situation along the border.
The Ministry of Defence also reports that the Azerbaijani propaganda apparatus disseminated disinformation yesterday, misrepresenting the routine rotation of Armenian Armed Forces units as front-line concentration.
The relevant unit of the RA Ministry of Defence, which monitors and analyzes open sources, has observed an increase in the dissemination of disinformation by the Azerbaijani press regarding Armenian media in recent days.
Hence, we urge our compatriots to remain vigilant and rely on official news sources. The Ministry of Defence adequately informs and will continue to inform the public about developments along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border and contact line.