Armenian peacekeepers participate in international military trainings

9 October, 2022 14:30
Armenian peacekeeping units are participating in international military trainings, which are the preparatory stage for the mission in Kosovo at the U.S. Infantry Training Center, located near the city of Hohenfels of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Colonel Arsen Mangasaryan, Commander of the Brigade of the Peacekeeping Forces of the RA Defence Ministry, visited the center in order to monitor the military trainings on the spot and held meetings with the head of the Department of Planning and Control of the Center's trainings, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Fronhofer and Commander of the 76th Infantry Brigade of the US Armed Forces, Colonel Chris Mabis. During the meetings, the US military noted the high level of training and discipline of the Armenian unit. An agreement was reached to expand the participation of Armenian peacekeepers in international military trainings.