Statement of the Ministry of Defence of Armenia

14 September, 2022 15:00
At 15:00, the situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border became extremely tense again. Starting 13:00 along the entire border line from Sotk to Goris, the enemy resumed intensive missile and artillery shelling, also targeting peaceful settlements, using attack drones.
It is worth noting that the building and vehicle of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation carrying out a humanitarian mission in the combat zone were also hit by heavy artillery. This is another evidence that, despite the statements of official Baku, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces does not distinguish between targets.
Along with the missile strikes, the Azerbaijani subdivisions have also resumed attempts to advance their positions. The Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia is taking all necessary measures to adequately respond to the enemy.
Against the backdrop of Azerbaijani military aggression, there have been frequent cases when many citizens and private companies, trying to be useful to servicemen injured in the course of hostilities, purchase various medicines and food products on their own initiative to transfer them to military hospitals.
The Ministry of Defence highly appreciates the willingness of our fellow citizens to be as useful to the army as possible. Nevertheless, we assure you that all hospitals are equipped with everything necessary for the full organization of the treatment of servicemen.