The first Intra-Agency Executive Education Pilot Course at the NDRU was finished

20 November, 2017 14:30
On November 18, 2017 the closing ceremony of the intra-agency executive education pilot course “The RA Defence System Reforms Strategic Guidelines” was held at the National Defence Research University (NDRU). The course was launched at the NDRU on October 23, and finished on November 17.

The goal of this first course, which was launched with the RA President Serzh Sargsyan’s participation and carried out in the frameworks of the NDRU educational program, was to enhance the efficiency level of the RA defence-security system via the research-based education. The four-week course was attended by representatives from high-ranking officers and special civil servants of the MOD and General Staff of the RA Armed Forces. Defence-security experts from the MOD, General Staff of the Armed Forces, NDRU, as well as lecturers from the Yerevan State University, American University of Armenia and independent experts delivered lectures.          

The National Defence Research University has conducted this executive education course via the advanced academic-educational methodology elaborated through collaboration with the US National Defence University and the RF MFA Moscow State Institute of International Relations. A strategic game was organized at the end of the course.           

During the solemn closing ceremony Artak Zakaryan, the First Deputy Defence Minister, RA, Lieutenant General Hayk Kotanjian, Professor, Head, NDRU, and Colonel Suren Davtyan, Deputy Head for Education-Head, National Institute for Strategic Defence Security Education, NDRU summed up the results of the course in their speeches. The attendees to the course were handed Certificates.