Working visit to an Armed Forces subdivision

26 September, 2016
On September 25th, Seyran Ohanyan was on a working visit to the Armed Forces subdivisions situated on the northeast portion of the border.

Seyran Ohanyan visited combat positions, reacquainted himself with the social and living conditions of servicemen, examined the process whereby military service and combat duty take place.

On one of the subdivisions, the head of the defense administration acquainted himself with large-scale construction works. Individuals responsible for the construction presented the works that have been carried out, and expressed assurances that the construction is taking place according to the previously established schedule.

As part of the working visit, Seyran Ohanyan also visited the families of servicemen Benjamin Eghoyan, Armenak Urfanyan, Sargis Sahakyan, and Vladimir Alixanyan who passed away during the April combat operations. Consoling the relatives of the fallen, the head of the defense administration emphasized the fact that the bravery and sacrifice exhibited by their sons will be recognized anew, and will provide an example for future youth.

Seyran Ohanyan inquired about the health and social conditions of the family members of the fallen, noting that the Ministry of Defense is always prepared to aid them if possible.

Thanking Seyran Ohanyan for the visit, the family members of the fallen servicemen noted that such visitations, and the attention paid to the memory of their late sons is very valuable for them.