Seyran Ohanyan Visited the Yerevan Computer Research and Development Institute

23 February, 2016
On February 23rd, Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia Seyran Ohanyan visited the Yerevan Computer Research and Development Institute, toured around the premises and acquainted himself with new constructions.

Institute director Arsen Taroyan presented the newly renovated premises of the presentation center of the military industrial state committee under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defence, as well as other issues related to the center. Ongoing works and future plans of the enterprise were also presented. During the tour, Arsen Taroyan made reference to the long-term development of the military industrial enterprises and presented several proposals.

The head of the defence administration valued the work done at the research institute, made several recommendations for the furnishing and launch of the presentation center, and encouraged the the military industrial state committee to strengthen links with other branches of the economy, and consider questions of consumption.

During the meeting, an idea concerning the creation of a new website was discussed, where all military-industrial production of Armenia will be presented.