The “Shant-2015” strategic command-post exercises continue

4 September, 2015 00:00
The “Shant-2015” strategic command-post exercises – launched on September 3 in the Republic of Armenia – pursue their course.

The “Shant-2015” has got a country-wide significance, and is of scheduled nature, and aimed at reviewing the mobilisation preparedness of state and military authorities in the process of direct preparation of the state for defence and repulse of the act of aggression, the ability to transition to higher alert posture, improving the level of inter-agency cooperation and synchronised actions. 
On September 4, during his meeting with media representatives, the Deputy Chief of RA GS AF, Lieutenant-General Movses Hakobyan, gave a detailed report on the idea, objectives and already implemented events of the military exercises.
He also stressed that the military exercises are unprecedented and include all government agencies of the Republic.
Given the current military-political situation in Armenia and within the surrounding area, the military exercises are maximally adapted to reality.
In the framework of “Shant-2015”, multiple difficult issues are carried out and probable situation scenarios of military operations in war conditions are implemented.
In accordance with the battle scenarios, on September 4, the National Art Gallery of the Republic of Armenia and the Matenadaran organized the evacuation of the personnel and property; 100 additional beds were installed in the “Erebuni” medical centre and 50 more in the hospital of Artashat.
Today at 18:00, 30 buses will be placed in the Republic Square of Yerevan to evacuate the population in case of emergency. A curfew will be held in the Avan district of Yerevan.