Representatives of US and UK militaries visiting Armenia

23 August, 2018
At the invitation of Armenia’s Ministry of Defence Human Rights and Good Conduct Centre, representatives of US and UK militaries are visiting Armenia on 20-24 August. The members of the group were received by the Ministry’s Human Rights and Good Conduct Centre Col. Alik Avetisyan. The purpose of the visit is to hold expert discussions on preventing suicides and self-harming in the Armed Forces, the modernization of the Hot Line, provision of psychological support capacities, as well as on issues relating to equal opportunities and strengthening of human rights.

The discussion was also attended by the representatives of the Centre’s Religious Service, Military Medical Department and Military Police. The experts also paid a visit to the Yerevan Garrison Hospital and Defense Ministry and the Military Police headquarters and monitored the activities of the Hot Line. Agreements have been reached on further expansion and development of the scope of the cooperation.