Defence minister’s public council holds enlarged meeting

2 March, 2018
An enlarged meeting of the public council working under the defence minister was held on 1 March. It was presided over by Gegham Harutyunyan, and adviser to the minister. The meeting summarised the performance of the Commission on Reviewing Citizens' Appeals and Complaints during the winter conscription of 2017, and discussed issues related to operation of the council in 2018.

It was said that 159 out of 162 complaints were related to the examination and evaluation of conscripts' health. The issues raised in 99 complaints were considered as substantiated, so the panel had intervened to resolve them. As a result, 31 military service validity reports were revised, 24 conscripts were given postponements, seven conscripts were recognized as unfitting for military service and were registered in the reserve.

The meeting noted that the effectiveness of the Commission's cooperation with citizens and conscription agencies has grown. However, the meeting also noted that it is unacceptable to overuse the expert powers when dealing with the complaints, and that it is necessary to appropriately react to the raised issues.