National Conscription Commission meeting held

22 December, 2017
The National Conscription Commission held its meeting at the Ministry of Defence on December 22 to discuss the results of the 2017 summer conscription and start the proper organization of the winter conscription.

The meeting was attended by heads of relevant agencies, regional governors, territorial military commissars, members of the medical commissions and representatives of other organizations assisting the conscription process.

First Deputy Defence Minister Artak Zakaryan, First Deputy Chief of General Staff Maj. Gen. Onik Gasparyan, Republic of Armenia Military Commissar Maj. Gen. Henrik Muradyan and representatives of organizations involved in the conscription process delivered reports.

The implementation of the "I am" program and the results of the surveys conducted under the "Ditaket" program were also discussed at the meeting in addition to the works to be carried out for proper organization of the winter conscription.

Summing up the Commission meeting, Defence Minister Vigen Sargsyan gave instructions and directives to the heads of the relevant subdivisions regarding key issues of organization and conduct of the winter conscription.