Meeting of interdepartmental commission held at Ministry of Defence

20 December, 2017
The interdepartmental commission set up to address issues in border communities held its regular meeting at the Ministry of Defence on December 20.

The members of the commission reported on the projects and activities implemented in border communities in 2017, and pointed out the priority directions and projects of the 2018.

It was reported that active steps have been taken in the past year to ensure the security of the border settlements, to create a business environment, to minimize the developmental disparity between the regional centres and border communities, and to address existing social issues.

Summing up the meeting, Defence Minister Vigen Sargsyan, the chairman of the commission, underscored that as in 2017, the security of the residents of the border communities remains a priority for the commission in 2018 as well. Sargsyan also highlighted the importance of having concrete investment programs along with the already existing successful social initiatives, as well as creating favourable business environment in border communities.