Interdepartmental commission meeting held at Ministry of Defence

12 December, 2017
The December 12 meeting held at the Ministry of Defence on summed up the performance of the group tasked with reorganization of medical organizations in Gegharkunik, Tavush, Syunik Regions, Ministry of Defence’s Zangezur Garrison Hospital and Berd Medical Unit, founded under the joint decree of the defence, health care and territorial administration ministers.

Attending the meeting were Minister of Defence Vigen Sargsyan, Minister of Health Care Levon Altunyan, Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Development Vache Terteryan, representatives of interested ministries and regional administrations.

A number of issues regarding the possible structures of the organizations to be reorganization as well as issues related to the quality of medical care and service, their size and affordability, distribution of human resources, equipment and the overall effectiveness of the whole process were discussed at the meeting.