Solemn event marks 120th birthday of Marshal Hovhannes Baghramyan

5 December, 2017
Defence Minister Vigen Sargsyan attended on December 5 the event dedicated to the 120th birthday of Soviet Union Marshal, USSR double hero Hovhannes Baghramyan.

Armenian Prosecutor General, high-ranking military officers, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, cadets of military educational institutions were also present at the solemn ceremony on the avenue named after Marshal Baghramyan. Hovhannes Baghramyan's personality, the prominent military commander’s glorious military career his victories were mentioned in the speeches delivered during the event. They especially highlighted the operations Baghramyan developed and implemented faultlessly, contributing to the victory over the Fascist Germany.

Minister Sargsyan, congratulating the attendees on the occasion of Marshal Baghramyan's birthday, said that this Armenian military commander -- a symbol of victory – combined the world and national values ​​and for every cadet and officer, he the best example of success with his brilliant military education and tremendous military experience.

He told the attendees that the Command Department of the Vazgen Sargsyan Military University will be named after Hovhannes Baghramyan.

The solemn event was wrapped up with the cadets' march. A memorial evening dedicated to the USSR double hero was held later in the day, featuring Marshal Baghramyan's legacy and a documentary about his life.