Defence minister hands awards to servicemen, special civil servants and freedom fighters

29 September, 2017
On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the Armenian independence, a group of individuals, as well as representatives of the military and law enforcement agencies, have been awarded with medals and honorary titles for their significant contribution to the science, education, health, economy, art, culture and sport fields and development and expansion of the Homeland-Diaspora ties.

On September 29, Defence Minister Vigen Sargsyan handed the high awards to a number of servicemen, special civil servants and freedom fighters during an event organized at the Defence Ministry.

Welcoming the participants of the event and congratulating those awarded with medals and medals of the Republic of Armenia, Sargsyan said: "Each time before we congratulate each other on the occasion of the independence anniversary and wear uniforms, each of us should consciously summarize in their minds what we have and have not done for the strengthening of the army in the past year of the Republic of Armenia’s history, analyze and understand what new qualities has the new year of the independence added to our army, and what else we could have done for the army had we worked more creatively and energetically. And we need to make the necessary conclusions from all that. I think this is how we should work, and it is with this consciousness and motto that each day of the army has to start."