In order to contribute to the negotiation process, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia will apply adequate striking means

26 September, 2015
As the press service of the NKR Ministry of Defence has already informed, on September 25, at around 17:30, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces have fired artillery hitting the protection area of one of the Defence Army units located on the north-eastern part of the NKR. As a consequence of the shelling, the Armenian side has suffered fatalities and injuries. During the artillery fire, the enemy has used 122 mm artillery measures for the first time, to strike not the forces deployed on the line of contact, but the units deployed in their rear.

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic Armenia invites the attention of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs and the international community, to the fact that the Azerbaijani side's violation of the ceasefire using artillery creates a new situation, which is another step towards full-scale military operations.

Neither the restrained behaviour adopted by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, nor the reactions of the OSCE Co-Chairs and the international community,  both implemented with the objective of supporting the political process of the settlement of the conflict, have in any ways influenced the adversary to honour the ceasefire regime. Even worse, it creates the illusion of superiority of its armed forces, pushing for new adventurism in an atmosphere of impunity.

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia declares that the continuous escalation of tension, which regularly results in human casualties and unaddressed criticism and anxiety expressed by the international community, is unacceptable. Thus, in order to quiet and deter the adversary, and thereby support the negotiation process, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia will hereafter apply adequate artillery and rocket striking means, continuously targeting permanent deployment areas, military movements, military equipment and manpower.