Military-Training School
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22 April 2015
About college
By the 15 November, 1993 N569 decision the ARM Government, by the proposal of the ARM Ministry of Defence, on the fundaments of the military-training boarding school of the ARM Ministry of Enlightenment, created a military-training school-college complex, and according to the abovementioned decision, by the 14 March, 1994 N59 decision of the ARM Minister of Defence the school-college was given a status of an educational detachment. By the ARM MoD 28 July, 1994 №284 order, in the memory of commander of a defence region, Lieutenant-Colonel Monte Charls Melkonyan, the College was named after his name. By the 27 January, 1997 №26 decision of the ARM Prime Minister the military school-college complex of the ARM Ministry of Education and Science went under ARM Ministry of Defence and was reconstructed to a military college after Monte Melkonyan, with a status of a secondary professional educational establishment. By the 23 June, 1997 №256 decision of the ARM Prime Minister the College was restructured and according to that decision, by the ARM MoD 02 July, 1997 №303 order it was liquidated and on its bases the M. Melkonyan Military Training Boarding School was created, where educational process was organized according to the educational programs of 9 and 10 grades of general education schools. By the ARM MoD 02 July, 1997 №303 order the military students’ school of the ARM MoD M. Melkonyan Military College was included in the ARM MoD Higher Military Multi-Nature Commander College as a faculty of Intelligence, and since 1997-1998 educational year it has been given a status of a faculty of higher military-professional education. According to article 7 /ՀՕ-161/, part 8 of the 2010 ARM “Law about Education” the normative duration of secondary education was made 12 years in a 3 degree system. In the ARM MoD M. Melkonyan Military-Training School the 10-12 grades’ educational program of high schools is realized. Today, the School is under the ARM MoD Department of Personnel and Military Education. It is located in 44 Halabyan, Yerevan, tel.: (+374 10) 35-39-15, 34-48-44, 34-56-36: The financing is done through the ARM MoD Department of Financial budgeting and Planning. The detachment commanders were:  From 14.03.1994 till 29.07.1997 – Lieutenant-Colonel Aleksan, Grigor Grigoryan,  From 29.07.1997-18.03.2002 – Major Grigor Minasyan,  From 02.09.2002 till 27.09.2005 – Colonel Armen, Robert, Sargsyan,  From 27.09.2005 till 23.07.2007 – Colonel Roland Arshavir Teleshyan,  Since 23.07.2007 Colonel Vitali Valer Voskanyan.
Head of the School
Vitali Valeri Voskanyan