Military University after Vazgen Sargsyan
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22 April 2015
Admission Requirements
Each year the ARM MoD Military Institute after V. Sargsyan announces admission into the specialties of “Motor-Infantry” and “Artillery”, which is open to young men with secondary, secondary-specialized education or with partially high education (also those who have finished their mandatory military service or are in the service).

To the Institute can apply those under 21 civilian young men, who are recognized capable for military service by the regional recruitment committees, as well as those under 23 conscripts, contract of reserve servicemen whose upper commander recommends them to study in the Institute.

The applications are accepted in local military commissariats - for civilians, and in detachments – for servicemen, according to the regulations defined by the ARM Ministry of Defence.

In order to apply to the Military Institute civilian applicants provide the local military commissariat with an application, medical examination card, resume, reference from the place of education, work or service, 3x4 sized 4 photos, certificate from the place of living (about the number of family members), certificates from narco and psycho-dispensary, from the local police office, a 2 copies of the birth certificate, certificate of secondary education, and documents about longer education or ports ranks (if applicable), as well as an agreement from parents to send their son to study, and their social security cards.

The applicant himself presents the passport, certificate of secondary education and the military certificate to the central admissions committee on the day of his presence. The documents of servicemen are prepared in detachments, according to ARM MoD relevant instructions.

Admissions exams are held according to the “Joint” examination procedures in higher educational institutions, defined by the ARM Ministry of Education and Science in the subjects “Armenian Language”, “Mathematics”, and “Physics”. The applicants take the physical readiness exam in the Military Institution.

The summarization of the results of admission exams is done in the sitting of ARM MoD Committee for Mandates: an interview is held with each applicant in order to disclose and clarify such characteristic features and skills as practical characteristics, organizational skills, flexibility, performance discipline, pretentiousness, moral characteristics, his attitude towards military service, etc.