Military University after Vazgen Sargsyan
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27 April 2015
Description of the Educational Process
By the 29 May, 2001 ARM MoD order the Military Institute has passed to preparing personnel in 2 – motor-infantry and infantry – specialties.

In the framework of the motor-infantry specialty in the 4th year tankers are prepared since 2007-2008 school year, and intelligence officers and sappers – since 2008-2009 school year.

Today there are 2 faculties in the Military Institute – Infantry, with 4 chairs, and Artillery, with 3 chairs, as well as 3 independent chairs.

The faculty of Infantry trains commanders for motor-infantry, tank, intelligence, field engineer platoons, engineers of military caterpillar and wheeled vehicles and officers with a civil Bachelor’s degree. The duration of study is 4 years.

The faculty of Artillery trains commanders for artillery platoons, engineers for military and wheeled vehicles and officers with a civil Bachelor’s degree. The duration of study is 4 years.

During the studies the knowledge of the students is checked through semester and yearly tests and examinations. The graduation exams are taken by the state examining committee in July. If the students success in the exams they receive their first officer rank- “Lieutenant”, and a relevant professional qualification, after which, by sortition, they are appointed to serve in ARM Armed Forces.

The Institute also holds one-year officer courses, where conscripts with higher education are accepted.

The education in the Institute is in Armenian. For educational trainings all necessary educational and logistic conditions are present. Each educational platoon is attached to an auditorium. There are specialized auditoriums for the faculties and chairs. There are also modern foreign language auditoriums, where students study English, German, Greek, Persian and other languages.

In the Institute there are auditoriums for teaching car parts and traffic rules, a parking lot for military and transport vehicles, an autodrome and an armordrome. The final stage of educational process the students pass in “Baghramyan” educational center during camping trips.

During education the students are provided with food, uniform, lodging, and receive allowances. Those students who study with excellent grades and have high military discipline receive nominal bonuses by the order of the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia.
The Military Institute also has a first-aid post, a club, and a library.

The Institute participates in state and army events, and cooperates with a number of foreign military educational institutions and the state higher educational institutions of Armenia.

In the framework of NATO PfP in 2003 and 2008 “Best Cooperative Effort” and “Cooperative Long Bow and Lancer” military exercises were organized in the Institute.

Many times did the Institute receive military delegation from Greece, China, Iran, Lithuania, Belarus, Germany, Ukraine, the USA, Russia, Romania and NATO, the cooperation with whom helps improve the Armenian military education system.