Military University after Vazgen Sargsyan
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27 April 2015
The Armenian Army was formed parallel to the reestablishment of our independent state and became its first achievement.

By the ARM Government’s 24 June, 1994 N 279 decision, then by the ARM Defence Minister’s 25 June order the ARM MoD “High Military Multi-Nature Commander College” was established. First head of the college was appointed Major-General Sergey Sahak Martirosyan. In the following years this position was held by Colonel Aleksandr Grigor Minasyan, Major-General Ashot Sedrak Petrosyan, Lieutenant-General Arshaluys Zaven Paytyan, Lieutenant-General Stepan Vahan Mirzoyan, and Lieutenant-General Garegin Ashot Gabrielyan. Today the head of the Military Institute is Major-General Martin Nazar Karapetyan.

On the 1st of September, 1994 the College, for the first time, opened its doors for students. By the ARM Defence Minister’s 1 November, 1994 order the YSU military chair was completely given to the College.

Based on the issues of the newly created army the college in the beginning was preparing military specialists in 8 specialties. At the same time, on the bases of the college one year courses were held, where graduates of ARM higher educational institutions were accepted.

By ARM Government’s 16 January, 1998 N 24 decision the ARM MoD “High Military Multi-Nature Commander College” was reestablished as Military Institute, and in the first year the Military Institute gave its first graduates.

By the decree of the President of the Republic of Armenia and by the 8 February, 2000 order of the ARM Minister of Defence the ARM Military Institute was renamed after Vazgen Sargsyan.

By ARM Presidents 12 February, 2000 certificate, the Institute was given a Combat Flag as a symbol of military dignity, glory, and valor.
Since 27 January, 2004 the Center for Increasing the Qualification of Officer Personnel.
has started

On the 1st of September, 2005 the new educational subsidiary building was opened.

Since 2003, integrating in the system of ARM state higher educational institutions, the Military Institute became a full member of the country’s council of state higher educational institutions.