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3 July 2015
National security and International obligations assumed by the Republic of Armenia in the area of ensuring international security require strict control of import, export, transit of items that are specially designed for military use. For this reason, a number of legal acts were adopted to provide a mechanism, for export control of munitions. The export control system creates favorable conditions for assurance of national security and fulfillment of international obligations on one hand, and on the other hand creates conditions for entrepreneurs to carry out their business activities without unnecessary interferences from state bodies. Here you can get detailed information on munitions export, import, transit, as well as munitions intermediary trade licensing, lists of controlled items and other issues of interest to You.

How to obtain a license

Republic of Armenia Government Decree 1308-N of November 12, 2009 specifies the list of munitions, the procedures for licensing import, export, transit, as well as the brokerage in trade of munitions. According to the same Government Decree, the Ministry of Defense of Armenia is the licensing body for those activities. In order to obtain a license applicants must comply with a range of requirements stipulated by RA Government Decree 1308-N of November 12, 2009. Тogether with the application applicants must submit the documents required by the RA Government Decree 1308-N to the Ministry of Defense of RA. Applications should be submitted to the secretary of the Licensing Committee-head of staff of the Procurement Department of the Ministry of Defense of RA, Colonel Kamo Soghomonyan: Tel: 294486.

How to receive conclusions on operations

Before weapons production, import, export, transit, as well as military products trade brokerage agreement, the licensee shall receive a certificate from the Ministry of Defense, in order to ensure the compliance of the transaction with interests of international security, international commitments, as well as the interests of national security. To receive the conclusion the licensee shall submit the documents specified in RA Government Decree 1308-N to the Ministry of Defense at least 15 working days prior to the scheduled date of the transaction.