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29 June 2015
The Strategic Defence Review is a unity of procedures to review the country’s defence system and its activities, the aim of which is to assess the defence system of Armenia in the perspective of the capability to resist the expected threats and challenges in the existing and long-term prospective, uncovering the relevance or irrelevance of the system with regards to aforementioned. The results of the given assessment are fundamental for the processing of the long-term development plan in the defence sphere. The strategic defence review of is realized by analyzing the security situation and assessing long-term threats.

The Strategic Defence Review allows to plan the neutralization of the threats correctly and reasonably, and to create, develop and finance appropriate capabilities. It significantly raises the defence level of the nation, provides necessary flexibility for meaningful response to different critical situations, and decreases the possibility of formation of unexpected critical situations.

The implementation of the Strategic Defence Review is envisaged by the Military Doctrine of Armenia and Armenia-NATO individual partnership action plan.

The Strategic Defence Review started in 2008. The last 5th phase of the Strategic Defence Review is currently under way.