Defence reforms
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29 June 2015
The ARM defence reforms are the unity of operative procedures, structures and events of reshaping issues of the ARM Armed Forces. The aims of the ARM defence reforms are civic control and defence planning and creation of more flexible defence system, including the Armed Forces based on the basic principles of the democratic governance and corresponding to the present military demands, which will be able to effectively assure the ARM military security, defend the basic values of the National security, operatively react on all critical situations and provide implementation of international commitments of Armenia.

Therefore the main aim of the ARM defence reforms is to ensure the superiority of the ARM Armed Forces over the Armed Forces of the enemy. It will also ensure the creation and insertion of such standards which would completely satisfy the features of the ARM National security, by solving the national issues of the military security. At the same time they will have enough possibilities to cooperate, to gain a portion of assurance of international security equal to the rise of international prestige and authority of the republic of Armenia.