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29 June 2015
The strategy of the ARM security, which was adopted on 7th of February 2007, is a document which states the main fields of the ARM National security and its assurance. This strategy states the main values of the ARM security: independence, security of the nation and the country, peace and international cooperation, security of the Armenian identity and welfare; main guarantees of realization of the National security strategy: the effectiveness of the state governing system, the insurance of the law superiority, strengthening of the democratic values, justice and independence of the judicial authority, preparedness of the Armed Forces, effective work of the security and law institutions, international cooperation assuring foreign policy, insurance of social justice; as well as other statewide issues concerning the insurance of the National security.

The current inner and outer threats of the National security are stated in the National security strategy. These are the actions and phenomena which threaten the basis of the individual, family, society and state